About Tom Bevins

Navigating from a career as a Country Music video director to the Hot On! Homes SVP of Business Development may seem like an odd journey, but convincing Kenny Chesney or Alabama to pick me to direct their music video took all the promotion, selling and marketing skills I could muster. Wooing RCA, Polygram or other record companies to open their doors to me on Music Row in Nashville was similar to persuading some of the nation’s largest home builders to work with Hot On! Homes.

TomLI2 copyThe sales, marketing, and TV production we do at Hot On! Homes is fun, challenging and ultimately when you can really help improve a family’s life by connecting them with the perfect home, builder or master planned community, very rewarding.

I’m lucky. My job incorporates things I love: sales, marketing, television, teaching, motivating!

As head of Hot On! Homes sales and marketing, we’ve created a clear sales process, established performance metrics that promote personal and inter-departmental accountability and established a training program (Hot On! Youniversity) to give our team members the tools they need to flourish in our “performance first” environment. As a result, Hot On! has consistently grown revenues and builder involvement. Our marketing efforts follow a similar “performance first” path. Our B2B strategy involves frequent client performance updates, informative builder sales team “best practices” presentations and “Hot On! Works” emails that function as our primary client update, training, and prospect outreach campaign. These efforts consistently result in successful promotions and help keep local prospects and clients current on product developments and opportunities within the Hot On! suite of products.

Today our broadcast production and creative teams are responsible for delivering a locally-focused, unique Hot On! Homes television show in 5 top homebuilding markets every week. Not only did Hot On! re-write the book on Direct Response TV (DRTV), since 2001, Hot On! Homes has established itself as the most successful Home Builder Advertising TV show ever broadcast. The show has been viewed by hundreds of millions of interested home shoppers and continues to touch millions more each year.  We survived the housing downturn by getting better when everyone else was getting out! By simultaneously imposing cost efficiency savings, creating a flexible production process, streamlining our systems and producing versatile broadcast content that allowed us to maintain our production capability without sacrificing delivery time or quality, Hot On! flourished at a time when many builders and builder-focused ad houses shut down.

As with any DRTV Program, we analyze viewer response to each week, evaluate the show and modify the next show as necessary to ensure that we’re creating a program that is delivering as many viewers as possible to the Hot On! Homes’ website, the builder’s websites or to a builder’s community.  Click here to watch a recent Hot On! Homes show!

The most important part of my job is to evangelize the Hot On! brand both within and outside our organization. I feel this is truly the cornerstone upon which everything else we do is built.

The first part of this mission is establishing a culture of brand ownership and that begins with creating believers in our “company religion”. These disciples are comprised of employee believers that are unflinchingly convinced that they contribute to a brand committed to creating an environment where new home shoppers can gather and discover the valuable information they need to improve the quality of their lives. Every single Hot On! employee is tasked with creating their own “pocket of excellence” where they contribute their piece to this very important “brand jigsaw puzzle”.

Taking the message outside our organization to builders, sales managers and builders’ sales teams is the second part of my mission. Hot On! presents home builders with an opportunity to reach a highly unique and desirable target market consisting of people who have demonstrated that they are interested in shopping for a new home. Each year we conduct home shopper surveys into this highly segmented market and study their online activity to develop analytics creating accurate Hot On! home shopper profiles. Understanding these shoppers based on the information they volunteer and their activities while on our Home Shopper Club website (www.hotonhomes.com) allows us to develop helpful video’s and other tools (click to view) to help builders better approach these interested shoppers using relevant technology to deliver a targeted, timely messaging to increase their chances to enjoy customer success by matching the shopper’s needs with their products. Our marketing theory is simple. Timing is the single most important variable in marketing today. The best message delivered at the wrong time or under the wrong circumstances is a waste of resources. Hot On! is focused on delivering the Right Message, at the Right Time, Under the Right Circumstances to local home shoppers.

I attended Baylor University, The University of Texas (Austin), the University of New Orleans and the University of North Texas. I often say that I matriculated at the University of I-35.

Oh, and if you’d like to see some of the music videos that I produced and directed “back in the day”, click on any of the names below to watch that video. Some of my personal favorites were, Kenny Chesney (The Tin Man), T. Graham Brown (Wine into Water),  Alabama, (She’s Got That Look in Her Eyes), the Bellamy Brothers (The Old Hippie), Joe Nichols (Six of One), Dan Seals (I’d Really Love to See You Tonight) and Suzy Bogguss (Goodnight). I hope you have as much fun watching them as I had producing and directing them!



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