Turn your OLD LEADS into NEW SALES!

Hidden-Leads-v4wide698x400Here’s a simple tactic to discover the “READY-NOW BUYERS” in your box of Leads!

Have you ever sat blankly staring at your email inbox, full of e-leads, and wondered which ones are really ready to buy today? What about shuffling through a stack of up-cards and trying to decipher the buyers from the lookers? The dilemma is that when you take a quick look at a lead, they all seem to look the same! You’re certainly not lazy, and you’ve followed best practices in all of your follow up methods- but none of that matters right now; it’s Tuesday and you need to write a deal this weekend!

Don’t despair, finding Ready Now Buyers is easier than you may think!

Landing a buyer that wants to purchase this weekend is more about timing than anything else. While many new home sales people look at “new” leads as the most desirable because they haven’t been inundated by every online sales concierge, new home sale counselor and email marketing system in the industry, your real buyers are those that have “aged” a bit.  Like a fine wine, most buyers just need a little time before they’re really ready for the (closing) table!

A quick look at the numbers will tell you who you really need to call to get a sale this weekend. First, according to their self-submitted registration information, nearly 80% of the shoppers that register on new home lead generation websites are at least 3 months away from making a buying a decision. Another 10% are between two and three months out and less than 5% of shoppers identified themselves as “immediate” buyers.  Rather than basing your success completely on taking a shot at the small percentage of leads representing immediate buyers and hope your email or phone message stands out from the cacophony of new home sales voices, starting with buyers who registered a three to six months ago will place you alone in a huge pool of buyers that are getting very close to making a decision.

And fortunately for you, industry practices are (sadly) also on your side! Most onsite and online sales professionals focus most of their attention on the newly registered lead at the expense of the seasoned lead.  The longer a lead is in their pipeline, the less attention it gets from the sales team. A lead that registered three months ago is largely ignored by builders and probably only receives a weekly or monthly email from the builder’s automated follow up system if they get anything at all. A lead that registered 6 months ago may have been discarded. Your phone call or email may be the only new home builder reaching out to that lead at all! Make sure your message counts. This is where your inventory flyers and amazing incentives really work!

Contacting “mature” leads is especially important if you happen to be a sales counselor new to this industry or just new in a particular community. We all know there is turnover in our industry and if you find yourself in a new community, don’t worry too much about the leads that have registered in the last 30 days- the sales counselor before you probably worked those pretty hard, and look where it got them! Go deep into the lead box and find the leads that registered 60, 90, 120 or even 150 days ago. These offline leads are now onsite shoppers and are ready to take important steps toward new home ownership.

Are we recommending that you ignore your new leads or those that identify themselves as immediate buyers? Of course not! But once you run through your “fresh” leads, take time to call the leads that everyone else in the industry has given up on and turn your old leads into new buyers!


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