Battle for the Buyer Pt. 2: Tools

battle for the buyer copy

Pt. 2


  1. Once you’ve got the Shopper…Keep Them. All the sales materials you give your team to distribute to your shoppers should be designed to get them off the computer and over to the kitchen table, not back to the internet. You can’t get the sale on the internet but you sure can lose a sale on the internet. While all your competitors exist on the internet, no one competes with you on your own collateral. Sending a shopper back to the internet once you’ve them in your store is like sending them back into the mall! Once you have a shopper, your sales team should deliver enough material for them to sit at their kitchen table and discuss a new home rather than hop back on the internet where every competitor you have in the market is trying to capture their imagination and lure them away from you.
  2. Make mobile easy. A mobile site is more than just a scaled down version of your traditional site. People use mobile devices differently than they use laptops and desktops. Shoppers approach these devices with different expectations than they have for traditional websites and mobile devices are used in certain situations. Understand how someone would use your site with a mobile device and you’ll probably see things on your traditional site that don’t belong in your mobile environment. Mobile is about what shoppers need “right now”, not what they may need down the road or while they’re talking with you.
  3. Lead the Lead. Develop or purchase an automated email and follow-up system that addresses and anticipates the needs of the shopper and delivers digital messages regardless of the status of your sales team. Sales people come and go, but automated follow up should be used until the shopper buys, dies or opts out. Relying on your sales team to effectively follow up with anything but a hot prospect will leave you frustrated. This isn’t to say sales people shouldn’t deliver important information, but no shopper should be ignored due to changes in a sales team. Remember, marketing moves people and sales move product. You wouldn’t expect your marketing team to be successful selling homes, why do you expect your sales team to be effective marketers?

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